Natural History Museum of Utah Celebrates Chocolate & Cheese

Need some weekend plans? Well, let us satisfy your datebooks AND your tastebuds. This weekend, the Natural History Museum of Utah will be holding the 4th annual Chocolate and Cheese Festival. World-class artisan chocolate and cheese makers will be showcasing the amazing talents and handcrafted products of companies and individuals who have turned their passion for high-quality, sustainable foods into award-winning products that double as works of art.

“This year’s festival provides a wonderful opportunity for Utah residents to become acquainted with the growing number of knowledgeable, health-conscious food artisans who create premium products across the U.S. and many of them right here in Utah,” says Executive Director Sarah George. “As a museum, we are dedicated to strengthening individual and community connections with the natural world, and what’s more natural than understanding how plants, animals and minerals are thoughtfully cared for and harnessed to produce the foods we eat.”

Although we all know the tasting is the best part of the festival—Festival goers are invited to indulge their senses and taste buds in a variety of unique workshops offered both Saturday and Sunday. You can sign up to explore the subtle nuances of chocolate from expert pastry chefs or discover surprising stories about the history of cheese, how it’s made and even hone their cheese-tasting palates.


When: April 8 & 9, 2017

Time:  10am to 5pm.

Price: Included in the regular price of Museum admission (Adults: $14.95; students – $12.95; kids under 12 – $9.95), guests are free to browse the Museum and the market, as well as talk with representatives from over 20 top-notch vendors. Workshops fees are additional.

For a complete list of workshops and vendors, visit

Andrea Peterson
Andrea Peterson
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