Neighborhoods Worth Exploring: Glendale and Rose Park

The Westside. Salt Lake City has traditionally been strictly divided into east and west, loosely translated as affluent and not-so-much. But that has changed. The Westside— Glendale and Rose Park, both post-WWII developments that offered family homes, are one of the latest areas to be claimed by those who do the most urban pioneering: creatives. One big appeal of the houses here is yard space (population density is lower); another draw for the low-key neighborhood is more diversity.

What the locals have to say…

“Having lived in Glendale for the last 16 years, our favorite part about the area is the large lots and opportunities for hard work in Urban Agriculture. After acquiring our half an acre and converting it into intensive garden space, a good friend and neighbor, Hans Ehrbar, caught the vision and purchased more land adjacent to ours to expand the endeavor. Beyond that, the cultural diversity, as well as the Jordan River, are an inspiration that never gets old!”



With the SLC house market escalating, west side lots are (slightly) more affordable and provide a unique look at the Wasatch Front, with lots of great rainbow views on warm summer evenings. The Sorenson Multi-Cultural Center & Unity Fitness Center is a boon as an indoor fitness community, while the International Peace Gardens and Jordan River Parkway offers pleasantly green space with bike paths and walkable trails. Having a yard space makes the west side more compelling for those who like to do “yard work,” with that, Glendale is a refuge from the city for homesteaders, gardeners and those who enjoy some elbow room. Several urban farmers have found a home here.


The population density: in Glendale is 63% lower than Salt Lake City.

Glendale population by race/ethnicity: White 46.10 // Black or African American 4.07 // Asian 11.59

Rose Park is split pretty evenly between Hispanic and White

The median home value: in Glendale is $269,072 home values have gone up



Panaderia Flores: Large assortment of different panes, both dulces and salados.

The NPS Store: An overstock furniture store with another building that sells groceries.

Hook & Ladder Co. Fire Station No. 13: Fish n’ Chips, Burgers, Fries and Ice Cream.


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Mary Brown Malouf
Mary Brown Malouf
Mary Brown Malouf is the late Executive Editor of Salt Lake magazine and Utah's expert on local food and dining. She still does not, however, know how to make a decent cup of coffee.

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