Netflix and Chill, done by professionals: The Ragnarok episode

Netflix and chill. Face it: This is what most of us do most nights. Sad but true.

But maybe not as sad as it used to be. If you’re really chilling, you do not cook, you order in. Until fairly recently, that severely limited your options. “Severely limited” means Domino’s or Jimmy John’s.

With the introduction of new delivery services like Ubereats and Grubhub, our menu options have expanded. To give our previously aimless couch potato evenings a sense of purpose, we decided to rate our experiences, starting now.

Our slothful team this week included Jeremy Pugh (he has the biggest screen,) Christie Marcy (who tends to swipe left), her son 13-year-old Charlie (the hippest of us all) and Rebecca Walsh, a well-traveled foodie.

Oh, and me, Mary Brown Malouf, food editor at Salt Lake magazine.

The cast of characters may change. Sometimes, one of us has an actual Thing To Do.

The movie: Thor: Ragnarok 

Because Mary and Rebecca hadn’t seen it, or any other Thor movies, but were told it was “awesome.”

The Pizza: Cool Bros. 840 W. North Temple, 801-239-1411,

Found by Googling “delivered pizza” in SLC, we found Cool Bros. Which none of us had heard of. Perusing the Cool Bros menu, we discovered lots of exotic pies—topped with tandoori paste and paneer, curry paste and chicken and tikka masala chicken because Cool Bros. Is owned by Prakash and Mamata Sharma.

We were chickens and build our own, more conventional pizzas:

  • garlic sauce with sausage and black olives

pizza sauce with artichokes and pepperoni

pesto sauce with chicken and tomatoes


Rebecca, who was drinking prosecco, says: “The pesto is bland, it needs more garlic, all the pizza needed acid except the traditional tomato.”

Charlie, drinking a Dr Pepper, says: “I can’t taste the pesto. I would text this pizza till it blocked me.”

Jeremy, drinking Coors, says: “It’s a bready pizza crust and the garlic sauce soaked in and made it heavy. I am going to ghost it.”

Christie, drinking box wine, says: “It needs more spice, I might order this after a night of drinking because of the bready crust but I wouldn’t go out with this pizza again.”

Mary, drinking water, says: “The garlic crust is only half-baked so it’s greasy. I’d rather stay home, watch Netflix and chill than hang out with this pizza.”

To sum up:

Meh. We would not date this pizza regularly—it’s pretty good but not that compelling. We are looking forward to meeting the older Indian brother, though.

As for Thor: Ragnarok: Some had seen it already, Rebecca was confused throughout and Mary kept mixing it up with actual Norse mythology, so was really surprised when the Hulk showed up.

Mary Brown Malouf
Mary Brown Malouf
Mary Brown Malouf is the late Executive Editor of Salt Lake magazine and Utah's expert on local food and dining. She still does not, however, know how to make a decent cup of coffee.

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