Not Just a Sandwich: Stacked in Park City

The name says it all. Stacked. The ingredients? Quite literally yes, of course. It’s a sandwich after all. My expectations? Absolutely. Open a sandwich joint inspired by the famed delis of New York City and you’re offering folks an oasis in what has chronically been a desert for hoagies, heroes, grinders and all manner of concoctions of ingredients placed between a couple slices of bread. Well, Katie and Jason Greenberg know New York, they know sandwiches, and they’re delivering exactly what they’ve promised in their new Park City sandwich shop, Stacked.

Top of the Stack

Folks from certain places take their food rather seriously. I’m sure those L.A. people have told you about their tacos. Chicagoans love their deep-dish pizza. Don’t even get me started on the barbecue brawl between Texans, Carolinians and people from both sides of Kansas City. But perhaps no faction on earth feels quite the level of affection for food as New Yorkers do for their deli sandwiches. That’s why a pair of dyed-in-the-wool New Yorkers, Katie and Jason Greenberg, started making them from scratch in Park City.

Stacked Park City
The Banh Mi. Photo by Adam Finkle

The husband-and-wife team are hardly new to the local food scene, and it’s no accident they ended up in Park City. “Katie and I met while working in a restaurant in New York, but we knew it would be hard to start our own restaurant there. We didn’t have a trust fund or millionaire backers, so we quit and hopped in a car. After visiting 27 states in 47 days, we felt like Park City was the right place. The lifestyle it offered was great, and, despite a unique food culture here, it wasn’t saturated yet, so we saw an opportunity,” Jason says.

After working in a variety of fine dining establishments around town since 2014—Katie at Firewood and High West, Jason at the St. Regis—Jason started Nosh, a Mediterranean-inspired eatery at the Silly Market which has since become a restaurant in Prospector. “We both grew up eating deli in New York, which was just a huge part of the culture there,” says Jason. “There didn’t seem to be anything filling that niche here, and it’s always been a dream of Katie’s to open a deli. When the opportunity presented itself just a few doors down from Nosh, we jumped at the chance.”

Enter Stacked, which the pair opened in January 2023. It has the New York classics you’d expect, along with some evolved, creative flavors. “It’s a little bit globally inspired, and we’ve created everything we could from scratch. The pastrami, the roast beef. We make it all right here,” Jason says. You can taste the dedication in the sandwiches, from the Banh Mi, to the Veni Vidi Vici (a classic Italian), to the Reubenawitzsteinberg (a Reuben, of course). Regardless of what you choose, the sandwich will be stacked, and you won’t be going home hungry.

Stacked Park City
Reubenawitzsteinberg. Photo by Adam Finkle

Not Just Lunch 

As much as Stacked is built around delectable sandwiches, the Greenbergs are hoping you’ll stop by for more than lunch. “We have a full espresso bar and an ever-expanding breakfast menu. We want people to come in multiple times a week and be able to have something different each time,” Jason says. I can personally vouch for the breakfast sandwich, made with an authentic east-coast roll, being the best in town.  

435-214-7052, 1890 Bonanza Dr.,

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Tony Gill
Tony Gill
Tony Gill is the outdoor and Park City editor for Salt Lake Magazine and previously toiled as editor-in-chief of Telemark Skier Magazine. Most of his time ignoring emails is spent aboard an under-geared single-speed on the trails above his home.

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