Nothing to Do in Salt Lake? (The Saga Continues)

As you may have heard, earlier this week some Golden State Warriors’ players said that they didn’t like Salt Lake City because there was “nothing to do” (other than dig deep into carbs at Olive Garden.)

And so our little city, overflowing with neon lights and concert venues, rose from the ashes of 2017 and proclaimed that there was, in fact, things to do in Salt Lake City. (Exhibit A: Salt Lake magazine’s Christie Marcy wrote this article earlier this week, and followed it up with a radio show.)

The remark made by the players was rubbing salt in an already open wound. A few days earlier, Chance the Rapper tweeted “Any good clubs out here in SLC?” with his followers recommending City Creek, Olive Garden (of course), high school parking lots and (drastic measures) their own living rooms.

In an effort to redeem our city from these past few days of tumultuous controversy, Visit Salt Lake released a video promoting various nightlife spots around town. (Do they serve free breadsticks, though?) Scott Beck, President and CEO of VSL released a statement to the Warriors saying, “We appreciate your concern that there’s nothing to do in Salt Lake, so much so that we’ve created a little video for you.” Watch it and weep, tourists:

–Amy Whiting

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