Nutcracker Auditions Are Here and Winter is Coming

Ballet West will be holding children’s auditions for The Nutcracker on the Aug. 25. This classic and beloved ballet has become a tradition for many families in Utah and the fact that auditions are almost upon is also an indicator that summer is winding down and cooler seasons are on the horizon.

For me personally the Holiday Season doesn’t start until I have seen The Nutcracker. The children’s parts are an invaluable piece of the ballet. Mother Buffoon is always a highlight with the darling little dancers under her petticoats. This past year with the new sets, stunning costumes and special effects it was even more vibrant and magical than it was before.

Get your little dancers involved in this wonderful tradition. At least one year’s dance experience is recommended for children between ages 8 and 18. Girls between 4- and 5-feet-11″ boys 4’0” and 6’0”.

“Last year, 600 children from across the American west auditioned to be cast in one of the four casts adding up to 350 roles for boys and girls,” Joshua Jones of Ballet West. “They joined the notable ranks of tens-of-thousands of Nutcracker alumni who have danced throughout its 62-year Utah history.”

  • WHAT: Ballet West’s The Nutcracker Children/Student Auditions
  • WHO: Guardians can register students between 8-18 years old
  • WHEN: Saturday, Aug. 25 (Pre-register for time slot at
  • WHERE:Jessie Eccles Quinney Ballet Centre, 52 W, 200 South, Salt Lake City, Utah

Parents and guardians can register students with dance training, To learn more and register online, visit:

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