The Nutcracker is Back Baby

Ballet West’s The Nutcracker will make it’s annual return to the Capitol Theatre December 14-29 after a weeklong tour to the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, in Washington D.C.

This year, new sets and costumes will freshen up this old chestnut (pardon the nut joke).   According to Pointe magazine there are 62 productions of The Nutcracker around the country. In 1944 America’s first Nutcracker debuted in San Francisco performed by the San Francisco Ballet which was choreographed by our Ballet West’s William Christensen. Seventy-four years of this tradition in America and the Ballet West production and the The New York Times’ principal dance critic has called Ballet West’s The Nutcracker, “one of the best productions I have ever seen.” 

Last year, after a 2-year, $3-million renovation, Ballet West premiered a new physical production with 24 whimsical and monolithic sets, more than 200 polished props, nearly 180 sparkling costumes, along with dazzling new special effects. The restoration wowed audiences, broke box office records, and illustrated why Ballet West’s production is the longest running Nutcracker in the nation.

“Envisioning the changes, my goal was to honor and respect Mr. C’s (William Christensen) own vision and choreography while creating a fresh look to this evergreen classic,” said Sklute. “I look at it as if we are reframing a beloved piece of art or photograph. A whole generation grew up on our last production; now, a whole new generation can grow up on this one!”

“Filled with charm, verve, humor, and pure beauty, The Nutcracker has all the stuff of great theater,” said Artistic Director Adam Sklute. “No matter how many performances I watch, I never get tired of it. It is perfect for ballet aficionados, children, and newcomers alike.”

The Nutcracker has been a tradition of mine for many years and no matter how many times I see it, it doesn’t get old. It contains so much of the Holiday season and spirit in music, beauty, dance and festivities. If you saw it last year or it has been awhile, or this will be the first time you attend, be sure to have this be a part of your holiday celebrations.

Ticket prices range from $20 to $88, and are available online at, or may be purchased by calling (801) 869-6900.

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