ODT’s Redux Nutcracker is a Dance on the Wild Side

You all know the story of this ballet: It starts when Clara (Bailey Evans) is given a
Nutcracker by Drosselmeyer (Diego Ballesteros).

Or you thought you did: Clara throws the nutcracker away and Drosselmeyer
replaces it with a cell phone. Derryl Yeager conceived, directed and
choreographed this quirky production. This is the seventh year the alternate
show has been performed—to the delight of ODT regulars and new fans each year.

This contemporary translation draws chuckles: Young dancers at Clara’s
parents’ Christmas party are dancing hip-hop. Clara falls asleep and dreams
about mice and robots fighting. Clara travels through her phone to Spain,
Arabia, China, Russia and France. All these countries were represented in fun
and modern versions of the traditional ballet. Even the Mario Brothers make an

ODT’s Redux Nutcracker is something fun for the whole family (no
children under six) with all types of dance represented through the show. Each production features a different dance company as well as ODT. Redux Nutcracker
Cracker is playing now through the 23rd of December.

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