Ogden City Limits Chronicles the Creation of a Song

“We were all fans of “Song Exploder,” a podcast where an artist deconstructs the creation of a song,” recalls Shane Osguthorpe. For example, in one episode, Jeff Tweedy of Wilco breaks down the song “Magnetized” from the group’s Star Wars Album. He explains how each bandmate contributed, making the song a true ensemble creation instead of an ego-driven auteur work. “We thought it would be cool to do that the opposite way, document the creation of a song from the beginning. Only we wanted to do it with video.”

When Shane says “we,” he is referring to his bandmate in the group, The Proper Way, Scott Rogers (check them out below from our Small Lake Concert series). With a grant from Ogden Arts Council and videographer Natalie Simpson, they have finished season one—five video podcasts documenting how different groups of musicians interpret a cover song and an original piece. The series, called Ogden City Limits, is a unique way to experience art while it’s being created.

Small Lake Concerts – “Helpless” – The Proper Way from Salt Lake Magazine on Vimeo.

Find Ogden City Limits on Facebook or YouTube.

To learn more about The Proper Way band, click here.

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