Ogden's Top 5 Shops on Historic 25th Street: Your One Stop Shopping Guide

We all know Christmas shopping can be a deeply stressful endeavor. Trying to schlep from store to store while dealing with holiday traffic is something none of us really want to weather in the name of gift giving. But what if you could park you car just once, get all your shopping done and still have time to go out for a nice meal? What if I sweetened the deal by saying all the shops you visited were locally owned? Clearly, I’m not talking about your run-of-the-mill mall. I’m talking about Ogden’s Historic 25th Street. Yes, Ogden.

While many still tend to see Ogden as a strange place because of it’s wild west history, that is not the case anymore. 25th Street is a thriving marketplace filled with interesting, locally owned stores that range from coffee shops to restaurants to baby boutiques, bookstores and vintage clothing shops. We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 25th Street shops you can visit to find the perfect—not to mention creative and original—gifts for everyone on your list.

Booked on 25th

Everyone has that bookworm member of their family. Rather than going to one of the big box bookstores, stop into Marcy Rizzi’s little book shop to pick up something from her diverse collection, including fringe texts and books by a whole list of local authors—some are even signed copies. Not sure what kind of book your bookworm wants this year? Booked on 25th also has a litany of literary inspired gift items from infinity book scarves to specialized loose leaf tea themed after famous writers. You’re sure to find something—especially if you take the time to dig through the second-hand books section. You can learn more about Marcy and Booked on 25th by checking out our Biz article in the November/December issue of Salt Lake magazine.

Lavender Vinyl

How long has it been since you rummaged through the stacks of a record store? Too long, I’d wager. Lavender Vinyl is bringing back the old hometown record store–not because they want to resurrect an old medium but because vinyl is, in every possible way, back in style. And Lavender has the perfect records for every music fan. Want some AC/DC? You got it. Taylor Swift? No problem. Local artists like Josaleigh Pollett and Sammy Brue? At your fingertips. Plus, they sell new and used turntables as well as other vinyl merch. Don’t forget to try out their sister company, Lavender Kitchen, a bakery now affiliated with local Ogden hot spot Kaffe Mercantile. Learn more about the owners of Lavender Vinyl in the November/December issue of Salt Lake magazine.

Cooper & Violet

Don’t forget the little ones this Christmas because we all somehow know the holidays are the most special for kiddos of all ages. Cooper & Violet is a baby and children’s boutique that carries everything from Christmas pajama sets to winter coats and even little, tiny moccasins in a variety of colors. Their store is chock full of all manner of clothing for you to sift through, whether you’re looking for that perfect Christmas dress or just some new play clothes. Cooper & Violet also carries lots of gifts for expectant and new mothers, even a fashionable scarf that doubles as a nursing blanket.

True North

Sometimes, men can be the most difficult to buy presents for. And, while True North sells clothing, shoes and gift items for everyone, their selection of gifts for men is particularly impressive. If you’re looking for something utilitarian, they carry a wide selection of warm scarves and hats as well as handmade leather belts, carved hunting knives and wallets. But they also carry some items very outside of the box, like their collection of wax seal silver jewelry. Made with the molds of actual wax seals from the 1800s, the collection features rings and pendants molded to resemble a series of different, historically accurate seals. Each item comes with a card that details the history and meaning behind the seal, so the present has a little extra meaning behind it.

Endless Indulgence 

Endless Indulgence is definitely not your typical clothing store. Specializing in retro wear, the store caters to your inner 1950s pin up girl and sells the flared skirts to back it up. Not only does this store sell all manner of stylized clothing, they also sell retro makeup/hair guides, jewelry, swimwear, intimates and men’s clothing. If you have that one friend who just feels as though they were born in the wrong decade, stop by Endless Indulgence to get them a gift that will make them feel more like themselves than anything from a contemporary retailer ever could.

These are only a handful of the stores gracing Ogden’s Historic 25th Street. You can find more information on the variety of locally owned stores on and around 25th Street by checking out Visit Ogden’s website. Merry Shopping!

Ashley Szanter
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