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Enliven date night with an evening of axe throwing. Perhaps you’ve already seen axe-throwing videos, but, if you haven’t, trust me when I say that hurling axes is not just for Vikings. Social Axe Throwing in Ogden can turn even the most peaceable novice into an enthusiastic axe chucker in just one session. Co-owner Brayden Floyd wants to make this lumberjack sport your favorite social outing—or, he hopes, “the new date-night idea.”

Who throws axes?

Before deciding that you aren’t the axe-hefting type, know that this sport is for just about anyone. Beyond Social Axe’s 15-year-old minimum, the demographics might surprise you. “We’ve had a majority of women so far,” says Floyd, including two 60-year-old women who threw for the full two hours. A man in a wheelchair also took a shine to the sport. Floyd’s advice for first timers? “Don’t be scared. It’s way easier than you think.” Just don’t forget to wear closed-toe shoes.

Throwing axes with accuracy is an unexpectedly satisfying upper body workout. Social Axe provides all throwers with a safety demonstration and personalized coaching to make sure you can hit the target regardless of height, strength or experience. Coaches, like Vicky Galasso, give pointers throughout your session and will host your social event. Yes, you can throw an axe-throwing party!

You can go alone, but Floyd encourages bringing a group for their Main Event—a two-hour experience where you learn throwing techniques, then compete against your friends. Groups vary from 8-16 people but can be as big as 30. Social Axe even hosts professional-development and team-building events for businesses looking for a motivational retreat. Learn your throwing strengths with the 2.5-pound standard axe, great for beginners, then move on to the lighter hatchet. Cap off the event by throwing the four-foot fireman’s axe or the double-headed axe to really channel your inner warrior.

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