One we wanted to include, but couldn’t, is The Morning Zoo on 97.1 ZHT. Luckily, we won’t run out of room on the website to fit all of our profiles, and we decided to start with Frankie, D.B. and Jessica from The Morning Zoo.

D.B., Jessica, Frankie

Just past a year into his career, Patrick “Danger Boy” was given the chance to work with a hotshot morning radio host from Detroit named Frankie C. The Morning Zoo was born, and it’s been on the air for 14 years since.

The show gives Utahns a start to the morning filled with celebrity gossip and interviews along with jokes and reasons to call in.

Over the years, Frankie and DB worked with several female hosts, but it never really clicked until Jessica Ferguson was hired seven years ago. “She’s a huge asset to the show, and we’d be lost without her,” says Frankie.

“We do a lot of research for the show. We read and watch the news, and we also watch a lot of TV to keep up with current events and pop culture,” says Ferguson.

The Zoo hosts also share personal family stories with listeners. Ferguson says listeners practically watched her son grow up through her blog posts and Danger Boy recently posted a video online of one his best friends trying to devour the Merlinator burger from Merlins in Garden City, Utah.

Frankie’s been known to fill in on Rod Arquette’s show on KNRS 105.7 from time to time, showing the Zoo’s hosts are talented enough to do whatever they want in radio, but do the show because it’s what they love to do.

The Morning Zoo will broadcast at this year’s Valentine’s Day Massacre—97 women will dive into a giant cake looking for a diamond ring. Get more info