Organic Ginger Beer in SLC


Originally from Massachusetts, Thomas Garwood was working in a brewery and playing music with buddies when one of them introduced him to his future wife, Ashlee House, a Utahn. Garwood moved to The Beehive, and the two married a little over four years ago.

Sharing a love for specialty drinks, Garwood and House began experimenting with ginger beer recipes until they found the perfect one. And while ginger beer itself is nothing new in Utah, their use of real and organic juice is uncommon.


They saw a potential business venture and started Garwood’s Ginger Beer in the fall of 2014.

Originally receiving feedback only from friends, Garwood participated at the US Bartender’s Guild, where the couple had their first opportunity to share the drink with more people. Receiving only positive comments, Garwood and House expanded their small business to something greater and now sell their golden ginger beer at the Downtown Farmers Market, Park Silly Sunday Market and at various locations throughout the state.

Photos courtesy of Thomas Garwood

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