Ididn’t take my 14-year-old son to Europe this summer. But I did take him to Monsieur Crêpes, and that was pretty darn close. The first thing Charlie and I noticed was that Salt Lake’s latest food truck-turned-brick and mortar establishment, is very, very French. The authentic accent of owner, Maxime Ambeza, is trés French. The interior is charming, with painted shutters on the wall and the words “Bon Appetit” written above a pass-through window The tiny patio area out back—designed to seat about 20—is very European. And, of course, it would be hard to get more French than the cuisine—crêpes.

Monsieur crepes
Above: The Louvre: Bavarian cream, rasberry jam, powdered sugar, rasberry syrup and whipped cream

There’s the sweet Champs-Élysées—Nutella, strawberry, bananas, powdered sugar, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, or the savory Versailles—Brie, prosciutto, spinach, herbs de Provence and tomato. Add a Monsieur, a Merci and the crêpe that took the United States by storm four decades ago—La Suzette—and you’ve got a full-blown French experience, without the expensive flight. “Ooh la la,” said Charles jokingly, upon sight of the menu.

In the ‘70s, at Magic Pan locations all over the nation,  a gimmicky rotating invention allowed crêpes to be mass produced at restaurants in malls across America. That’s not what’s happening at Monsieur Crêpes. Instead, Ambeza uses a family recipe and cooks his crêpes on a flat round stone. At Monsieur Crêpes the the house-made jams and whipped cream are the real treat. Perfectly sweet cream and perfectly tart apricot and strawberry jams made the sweet crepes far more appealing than the savory brie and ham- filled ones we tried. In fact, Charlie, generally a fan of cheese and pig-based meats, all but passed up the savory options on our table.

In addition to the handful of salads on the menu (who goes to a crêpes place for salad?) savory crepes are served with mixed greens—Charlie didn’t touch those either, of course. We didn’t try the vegan and gluten-free crêpe options, but they are available.

The crêpes are good—crisp, fresh and made to order—but let’s be honest: Crêpes are just a delivery system. It needs only to hold onto whatever it’s filled with. And with the the quality and variety of fillings available here, that’s très simple.


  • Address: 1617 South 900 East, SLC
  • Web:
  • Phone: 801-259-5843
  • Entrees: $-$$ (Low to Moderate)
  • Monsieur Crêpe is closed Monday and Tuesday to accommodate their food truck schedule. 

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