The Best Burgers in Park City

I was once skiing in Chamonix and ordered a sandwich called “The American,” which was a burger patty stuffed in a pita pocket with fries. Truth be told, it was pretty good, but I’m certainly glad that’s not how we do things in Park City. Few foods are more quintessentially American than the burger, and little cuisine makes more sense than the affordable, filling combination of patty and bun in this little mountain town, especially after a day exploring the hills.

Park City burgers have variety in spades, from no-frills to elaborate with foundations from beef to bison to veggies. We consumed thousands upon thousands of calories of these delectable sandwich-adjacent creations to find our favorites in town. No need to thank us, just please don’t mock us if we’ve packed on a few pounds.

Best Where’s the Beef Burger

Annex Saloon Burger, $17

Pairs Well With:
Family members who are hungry from souvenir shopping on Main Street.

Made famous while being served at the adjacent No Name Saloon, the Annex has made this classic available to the under-21 masses as well. The Saloon Burger has a half-pound bison patty with traditional toppings—grilled onions, cheese, shredded lettuce and tomatoes—on a grilled potato bun. Fancy it ain’t. Delicious it is.

449 Main St., 435-649-6667

Best Where’s the Beef Burger Part II:

Burgers and Barley Turkey Cob Burger, $18

Pairs Well With:
Pretending you don’t live every day like it’s a cheat day.

Even amid a menu stacked with elaborate burger constructions, the Turkey Cob Burger stands out. The turkey patty hints at a lighter side, but that’s balanced with a sunny-side-up egg, bleu cheese dressing and some bacon to pack some serious punch.

1890 Bonanza Dr., 435-602-1170

Park City burgers
House-made vegan burger at Burgers and Bourbon. (Photo courtesy Montage Deer Valley)

Best Where’s the Beef Burger Part III

Burgers and Bourbon Vegan Burger, $19

Pairs Well With:
The hashtag #BestLife on an Instagram post.

Vegetarians and vegans, rejoice, for you’ve found burger nirvana. This isn’t some cardboard-like garden burger patty—the Montage doesn’t do things halfway—but is instead a handmade black bean and rice patty on an artisanal vegan bun with tofu aioli, sprouts, tomato and onion. Even meat lovers admit it’s delicious.

9100 Marsac Ave., 435-604-1402

Best Bang for Your Buck

Sammy’s Bistro Express Double Mushroom Bacon Cheeseburger, $14

Pairs Well With:
A reasonably priced sedan that allows you to afford more mountain adventures.

Enough shenanigans, let’s have some beef already. Two patties in fact. Throw in some havarti, some sauteed mushrooms and some smoked bacon for good measure. Add it all up and you have a mountain of a burger that will fulfill any appetite for a lot less than most of the others you’ll find in town.

1764 Uinta Way, 435-731-8730

Most Old Western Flare

High West Saloon The Burger, $21

Pairs Well With:
Dressing down a cashmere sweater with cowboy boots and jeans.

With a name like “The Burger” this one better deliver, and it does. High West’s distinctly western vibe—think reclaimed wood in a historic, restored garage—perfectly matches the bourbon braised onions, aged gruyère and house-made pickles and “comeback sauce” adorning this burger. High West is 21+ only, and the burger is $21, but the flavor makes it worth the investment.

703 Park Ave., 435-649-8300

Spiciest Meatball of a Burger

Drafts Burger Bar Ghost Burger, $18

Pairs Well With:
Post-hike-or-bike caloric deficiency and a frosty beverage.

Thanks to ghost pepper barbecue sauce and ghost pepper jack cheese, the Ghost Burger heats things up rather quickly. Fortunately, there’s a huge beer selection at Drafts to help put out the fire. Even if you can’t take the heat, the menu features an array of creatively-named burgers from the veggie-based Boujie Hippie to the seafood-focused So-Fish-Dicated to suit any number of tastes.

3000 Canyons Resort Dr., 435-655-2270

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Tony Gill
Tony Gill
Tony Gill is the outdoor and Park City editor for Salt Lake Magazine and previously toiled as editor-in-chief of Telemark Skier Magazine. Most of his time ignoring emails is spent aboard an under-geared single-speed on the trails above his home.

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