Park City Life: Balancing Past and Future

written by: Vanessa Conabee

Maintaining downtown’s delicate business ecosystem.

What’s going on with the Business Alliance these days?

MB: This time of year, we look forward to welcoming more Park City and Utah residents to the street. Many of our merchants stay open year-round these days and appreciate the opportunity to welcome a more local clientele. We also tend to see a few new merchants on the street as the season changes, which is always fun and exciting.

Can you narrow down what keeps people coming back to Main Street?

MB: As cliché as it is, the merchants in the district do a great job providing a unique experience for all visitors, including family-friendly experiences and entertainment, fine dining, art and everything in between. In short, we encourage you to explore all the Historic district has to offer. You may leave surprised.

How do you balance the addition of new chain stores and long term local businesses?

MB: We want the first impression for people visiting Main Street to remain a sense of wonder, a sense of history and a feeling of community. We realize the strength national brands bring to the district including their marketing horsepower, brand loyalty and ability to refresh the demographics of the street. It’s a balance, but we think both types of businesses bring unique assets to the district and to the community.

What are your particular goals going forward with the Historic Park City Alliance?

MB: I think it’s important that we continue to evolve and find ways to remain relevant to both destination visitors and local residents. Our challenge and my goals center on making sure we find ways to help our members offer supplemental programming and unique experiences that will engage locals and visitors and provide a great contrast to the shopping and dining experience.

When you have down time, what’s your perfect day in Park City?

MB: I love to start with a great coffee and an impromptu conversation with a friend at Atticus or Pink Elephant, head out for a run or ride on one of our amazing local trails, like John’s trail or Empire Link, maybe have lunch on a great deck at someplace like the No Name or Café Terigo. Then, I would go get cleaned up to look and feel my best with a visit to Billy’s Barber Shop, pick up a crisp shirt from Monroe or Prospect and end the day with dinner on a dining deck with my wife and some friends before taking in a show at the Egyptian or OP Rockwell’s.

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Vanessa Conabee
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