Park City Life: People Are Talking About…Parking No Such Thing as a Free Ride

We asked people on the street: How do you feel about paid parking on Main St. and China Bridge lots?

When Park City hits peak capacity, finding a place to park on Main Street is next to impossible, with visitors, employees, private home and business owners hawking around looking for a place to park. In a move to streamline congestion, the city has introduced paid parking on China Bridge on Swede Alley, a previously free area historically used by employees working in Old Town. Since December, only those parking before 5 p.m. or carpooling will be able to park for free. Employees who can’t carpool can park at a free employee parking lot on 1875 Homestake Rd., where shuttles will transport them to the Old Town Transit Center. We checked in with a few faces on Main Street to see where people weigh in.

Colleen McGinn

If you have a shortage of parking you either have to pay to park or build a parking lot—someone’s going to have to pay for that.

Kristin Parkin

I just started working here and got a $20 parking ticket yesterday. There don’t seem to be many good options.

Tracy Christensen

I understand why the city is choosing to go down this path, and I know it can be frustrating to employees. I would hope that the city would take care of the employees that make everything on Main Street happen.

Brian Higgins

I understand both sides. Parking is definitely an issue. I prefer to walk or ride my bike. Public transport is awesome.

Jarett Henry

I don’t think there’s an easy answer. Nothing is going to make everybody happy. We want tourists to be able come to Main St., but we also have to keep it accessible to locals because who else is going to work?

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Andrea Peterson
Andrea Peterson
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