Park City Takes Back the World Record for Longest Shot Ski

Oh, the shot ski, it’s a beloved relic for ski bums sporting Pit Vipers and alpine retirees reminiscing their glory days on the hill. It’s also a surprising source of competition—because who wouldn’t want to hold the world record for longest shot ski in history?

Photo courtesy of High West Distillery

In 2021, the good people of Breckenridge, Colorado took gold for the longest shot ski. At the town’s annual Ullr Festival, 1,333 people lined Main Street with 433 skis in hand and simultaneously knocked back a mouthful of booze. The Coloradans maintained their status as the best ski slope partygoers until last Saturday when Utah reclaimed its rightful seat on the ski throne. For years Park City and Breckenridge have gone shot-for-shot in a friendly rivalry for the world record, and after two years the title is finally back in our hands. 

The sixth annual Park City Sunrise Shot Ski was presented by High West Distillery and the Park City Sunrise Rotary Club. Apart from shattering Breck’s previous record, the event also aimed to fundraise $35,000 for the club’s grant program that supports over 20 community groups. When the time finally came on October 15th, the community did not disappoint. The sold out event saw 1,340 people tipping back shots of High West’s delectable Double Rye Whiskey. A 2,610-foot-long ski ran the entire length of Park City’s Main Street and back in a U shape, which was specifically engineered to accommodate the thirsty participants. 100% of the proceeds will go back into the community, and Utahn’s can rest easy having defended their title. 

It seems the spirit of our mountain party animals is alive and well. The shot ski is in your court, Breckenridge—can you handle your liquor? 

A Brief History of the Shot Ski 

A quick Google search of the shot ski’s origin proves surprisingly tedious, it seems no one can really agree on when or how the novelty drinking accessory was invented. One theory credits the tradition to Austrians, who ditch the power tools and rely on balance and sheer teamwork to successfully shoot a “schnappski.” Other tales of the first shot ski point to University of British Columbia ski team members, Oktoberfest miscreants, and Park City miners. Even late-night Talk Show host Jimmy Fallon made a claim to its fame by saying he and his wife created the shot ski (the merciless online community has already come for Mr. Fallon, so don’t bother.) 

Regardless of its debated history, we can all agree the shot ski is one thing—a solution to solitary sipping and a surefire way to get everyone’s attention at an après-ski shindig. 

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Avrey Evans
Avrey Evans
Avrey Evans is the Digital and the Nightlife Editor of Salt Lake Magazine. She has been writing for city publications for six years and enjoys covering the faces and places of our salty city, especially when a boozy libation is concerned.

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