Park City’s Après Ski Scene Gets a Swedish Makeover

Tucked at the base of Park City Mountain is Main Street’s historic district —home to the area’s best art galleries, shops, restaurants and bars.

At first blush, it seems quaint. Brick storefronts, wooden balconies and cascading string lights line the walk. An ornate theater with a bright marquee marks the top of the hill. Shop owners pop their heads out to wave hello. But once the sun sets and the ski lifts find rest, the street comes to life with snowsuit-clad visitors eager to wash down their day’s work with a beer. It’s what snow enthusiasts like to call après ski — a time to unwind after a day on the slopes. And it’s a favorite pastime.

Enter The Swedish Lodge. A pop-up lounge and entertainment space newly opened in the heart of Main Street. Dressed with comfy couches, a big screen TV, and an area to store your gear, this Scandinavian-inspired space has quickly become a go-to for those hopping off that last blue run under the Town Lift.

Along with free Wi-Fi and an extensive movie collection, the space also offers a complimentary Fika bar. Fika, in Swedish, directly translates to coffee. For Swedes, however, the word goes beyond its singular meaning. It’s a concept in which the main focus is socializing, with a side of coffee, pastries, cookies and pies. It’s a chance to relax and enjoy — a concept most après ski fans are very familiar with.

But what makes this space truly Swedish isn’t the clean, modern aesthetic or the food and beverage offerings. It’s the 5-foot tall chiller positioned right in the middle. Inside this chiller are cans of General Snus. Referred to fondly as the Original Swedish Snus, General is a 150-year-old tobacco tradition that has garnered a strong following in the States. Its smokeless, spitless, discreet nature makes it the perfect complement to any experience, and it’s available for sale at The Swedish Lodge between the hours of 11am and 7pm, Tuesday through Sunday.

For some, Sweden may seem out of reach. For visitors and skiers in Park City, Sweden is just another stop on Main Street.

Andrea Peterson
Andrea Peterson
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