In Search of Park City’s Best Pizza

Requirements for inclusion
in this assessment: 

1.) Makes delightful pizza
2.) Not a national chain
3.) Suitable for carryout
4.) I was able to find the time to eat there during this investigation.

Pizza is the greatest food ever devised by humankind. It’s a perfect ski-town delicacy, versatile, flexible and equally at home served as the centerpiece of an après-ski feast as it is when scarfed down cold as a part of a balanced powder-day breakfast. A quick Google query returned more than 20 results for Pizza in Park City. Where is one to start? I utilized the methods of serious investigative journalism, visited numerous pizzerias, consumed thousands of calories of cheese and consulted with a coterie of highly unqualified individuals to find Park City’s best pizza. You’re welcome.

The Contenders:  Maxwell’s East Coast Eatery, Este Pizza, Fuego Pizzeria and Davanza’s

Park City’s Best Pizza

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