Park City’s traffic crisis requires collaborative solutions.

written by: Vanessa Conabee   photo by: Adam Finkle

How Do We Go With The Flow?

We asked people on the street: When facing the traffic problem, who needs to step up and make meaningful change?

Honking horns, frustrated hand gestures, overflowing parking spaces and bumper-to-bumper traffic. Sounds more like Los Angeles than Park City, right? Big city infrastructure and transit issues are being replicated in the small mountain town, and it’s become the hottest topic of discussion among residents, especially after a few beverages. A lot of ideas and opinions are bandied about, but who will step up to the plate and provide solutions?

Kathleen Barlow

As locals, we’re so used to driving everywhere. With the expanded public transportation, we have to be less lazy and maybe take the bus. From the city level, charge us for having our cars and make visitors aware of our public transportation and how it works.

Richard Eyre

Park City has done a good job of encouraging public transportation, but they haven’t done a good job of making parking lots available. The new Transit Center has only 10 spaces. They need to work together to get people out of their cars. The new electric buses certainly help, but ultimately it’s up to the consumer.

Paul Kraus

It’s such a beautiful place, and it’s 18 minutes from Salt Lake City. We built a town for 6,000 people and we’re going to have 15-20 thousand people here soon. It’s great to see more Utah residents living here full time, but, at the end of the day, if we want to live here we’re going to have to pay. People get bent at the idea of raising taxes, but we have to step up as residents and buy our way out of this problem.

Jim Fitlow

I think the change needs to come from beyond just the businesses in town. The county, the city and the bigger businesses need to partner. We’ve become a big town with just two roads, and it’s not going to fix itself. The county and city are trying, but right now we don’t have the park-and-rides to support it.

Debbie LaBelle

The biggest problem we have right now is the Kimball Junction bottleneck, and that’s on the county. They’re responsible for creating other solutions to alleviate the traffic, particularly during tourist season.

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Vanessa Conabee
Vanessa Conabee
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