PC’s Early One-stop Shop

At the turn of the century, Main Street was the go-to source for the hard-working folk of Park City for meat, supplies and provisions to feed, clothe and comfort the industrious mining community. While other purveyors came and went, Smith and Brim General Store was a constant in one form or another from 1886 to the late 1950s. Smith and Brim (a.k.a. Smith’s Meats, Palace Meat Market and Smith Butchery) delivered high-quality meat, providing “fair and courteous treatment and full value for the money.” Some business owners entered into a kind of gamble with local prospectors, agreeing to grubstake arrangements that allowed miners to trade food for a portion or stake in future discoveries. Extending credit to locals could be a risky business, and during the Depression, many merchants began demanding cash. Locals also faced their own risks—with all the provisions stacked a good 10 feet behind the counter, it was difficult to determine if the goods were any good at all.

written by: Vanessa Conabee

Andrea Peterson
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