Perfect Picnics in Salt Lake City

A picnic is the perfect opportunity to explore both the outdoors and new dining options with the comforts of home never too far away. Here are a few ideas, for a spectrum of comfort levels, to get you on your way to your perfect picnic in Salt Lake City.

The Classic Garden Picnic

We’ve touted Hotel Monaco as a place to stage your staycation before (see our story on Cabin Fever Cures), but with a new package the hotel is offering to guests, it could be the place to start your perfect picnic as well. The picnic package includes snacks from the hotel restaurant, Bambara, including a charcuterie board for two, a wrap, Mediterranean chickpea salad and lavender soda. 

With your basket in hand, all you need is a place to eat. The Salt Lake City area has a few picnic-ready parks, but the Monaco package also comes with tickets to Red Butte Gardens (which is also in the middle of its summer concert series) and its 21 acres of botanical gardens as a backdrop. You can also make it to Jordan Park, home of the International Peace Gardens, on one of the hotel’s free bikes, if you really want to lean into the picnicking stereotype. The entire package is $65 for hotel guests. 

The Tea Party Picnic

Is there anything fancier than taking high tea with a few true companions, under the shade of the tree, surrounded by lush, green scenery? For this picnic adventure, you’ll start with a delivery order from Honey Teahive. Their Tea Party Boxes come with your choice of sandwiches (think cucumber finger sandwiches or the apple brie crostini) as well as a scone, desert and, of course, tea. 

As for the location of your tea party, we need a place with some shade, grass and a water feature to set the mood. Fairmont Park has a few small pavilions that are available first come first serve, as well as a fishing pond and plenty of shade. The walking path can substitute for the traditional promenade. If you’re partial to the more popular (and possibly more crowded) Sugar House Park, it is close by and has many of the same features. We also recommend wearing  floral-patterned attire and taking along a portable badminton or croquet set to really lean into the tea party aesthetic. 

View of Utah State Capitol from Memory Grove, a swell location for a picnic in salt lake city
View of Utah State Capitol from Memory Grove, a swell location for a picnic in Salt Lake City (photo courtesy Utah Office of Tourism)

A La Carte Picnic

While pre-made boxes and baskets are a tasty time-saver, there’s something to be said for the DIY method. Maybe you already have the basket and it would be a shame not to use it. In which case, start at one of Salt Lake City’s local markets. From fresh and unique selections of fruit, bread or cheese, Liberty Heights Fresh should have whatever you need to get started on your basket. For aspiring picnickers who don’t want too much assembly required, Salt Lake has covered the growing pre-made charcuterie trend

Now, time to immerse yourself in the stories of those with a similar pioneering spirit as yourself. Between some of the early 20th century architecture and charming footbridge, Memory Grove Park makes for a picturesque location for any picnic. There are a few picnic tables for your convenience, but nothing is stopping you from spreading a blanket out on the grass, lying out in the shadow of the City Creek Natural Area. 

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Christie Porter
Christie Porter
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