Living Well With Less in Tiny Homes

It would seem easy to write off the Tiny Homes movement as just a Millennial trend—another way to buck the traditional American dream embodied by their parents and grandparents. But that would be an oversimplification of the Tiny Homes movement and the values of those who opt to live with less in an era of conspicuous consumerism. Stew MacInnes, CEO of Maximus Extreme Living Solutions, discusses his experiences as the owner of the oldest Tiny Homes company in Utah. Who is buying Tiny Homes? How can people live well with only 160-180 square feet of space? MacInnes addresses these questions and explores some of the lesser known issues of the Tiny House movement in this episode of Salt Lake Speaks.
Listen below.
Interviewer: Ashley Szanter

Guest: Stew MacInnes, CEO of Maximus Extreme Living Solutions
Sound Recording/Editing: Andrea Kile Peterson
Production: Salt Lake magazine

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