Podcast – Drawing the Line Between Good and Bad Art

Podcast – Drawing the Line Between Good and Bad Art

The definition of art has been an ongoing discussion that spans centuries, and it seems will continue moving forward. The best answer most people come up with is, “art is in the eye of the beholder.” But that becomes even more complicated when the topic evolves into whether a specific piece of art is good or bad. It is one thing if an individual chooses to go see a play, concert or museum, but where does public art fit into a community like Salt Lake City? Who is doing the curating, who is doing the creating and who gets to do the criticizing? On this week’s episode, Joy Haynes and Steven Labrum of 3Irons, a two person creativity support group discuss the ins and outs of creating and experiencing art and what it means to Utah’s art community. 

Listen Below.

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Additional Information discussed in the podcast:

3Irons 50 Irons project: www.3irons.com

UMOCA Art Fitness Class

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Interviewer: Andrea Peterson

Guests:Joy Haynes and Steven Labrum of 3Irons

Sound Recording/Editing: Andrea Kile Peterson

Production: Salt Lake magazine