Podcast – Utah Mommy Blogging: Ali Hynek of Nena & Co.


Ali Hynek found her way into Mommy blogging, or ‘influencing’ as she prefers, after her triplets were born two years ago. Hynek had already developed a face and following through her fashion company, Nena & Co., so the transition into mommy specific blogging was easy. For Hynek, the instagram account began as a digital scrapbook for keeping pictures of her sweet PEAs, (Penelope, Ethan & Alejandra), but eventually it has grown to be one of Utah’s top mommy influencing accounts. Hynek discusses how she grew her company and her personal account, how she manages products and branding and how to balance what is seen on social media and the reality of motherhood.

Listen below.

Interviewer: Andrea Peterson
Guest: Ali Hynek of Nena & Co.
Sound Recording/Editing: Andrea Kile Peterson
Production: Salt Lake magazine