Podcast: Wonder Woman—The Gender Battle Continues

Podcast: Wonder Woman—The Gender Battle Continues

Warner Brother‘s Wonder Woman was released to adoring fans on June 2, 42 years after the television series with Lynda Carter. It was seen as DC‘s attempt to make up for its under-performing Batman v. Superman, but most significantly, it was touted as Warner Brother’s first woman-centered superhero movie. Women—actress Gal Gadot and director Patty Jenkins—hold the lead roles in front of and behind the camera. Still, an argument can be made that Gadot’s Wonder Woman is just another flawlessly beautiful woman running around in a structured swimsuit. Her curiosity for the world she encounters comes off as girlish naivety and, worse, a night of romance takes precedence over her focused mission. Jeff Counts of Big Movie Mouth-Off joined Salt Lake Speaks to discuss how gender may have taken a step forward thanks to Jenkins and Gadot, but when you dig deeper, it’s a more complex issue ingrained in societal super-hero expectations.

Listen below.

Interviewer: Andrea Peterson

Guest: Jeff Counts, Big Movie Mouth Off
Sound Recording/Editing: Andrea Kile Peterson
Production: Salt Lake magazine