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Politics and cocktails go hand in hand at East Liberty Tap House

Election got you down? Douse those woes – without shrugging your patriotic duty – at East Liberty Tap House with their Cocktail Elections. With just one week until Election Day, the restaurant’s bartenders have concocted two election-inspired cocktails to give you a refreshing break from this political season.


  • “Dillary” – a cool, composed cocktail that likes lots of preparation, with New Deal gin, simple syrup infused with cucumber, dill & apple, and topped with sparkling wine. Not too sweet, but a bit [un]savory.
  • “Tweet Storm” – a brash and unpredictable cocktail, inspired by a White Russian with vodka, orange liqueur, cold brew and apple ginger bitters. Uses gold embellishment to obscure a dark base. Caution: may cause sleeplessness.

Each drink order will count toward one vote for the cocktail’s respective candidate. The special offer runs November 1 through November 8 and on Election Day, the votes will be tallied and the winner announced.

East Liberty Tap House is part of the Pago Restaurant Group and is a tasty spot for cocktails, brews and finely-crafted bar food. Grab your political refreshment and a burger after work or spend a whole evening away from the world at their cozy, Danish-modern inspired oasis. The restaurant is located at 850 E. 900 S. in Salt Lake City. For more information on the restaurant, click here.

-Brieanna Olds

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