Being Prepared When the Snow Begins to Fall

The weather is being a bit of a tease here in Northern Utah, but we know snow is on the way. Open Snow reports a moisture system and cooler temperatures are headed our way this Sunday. (But feel free to do your snow dances and grab your lucky trinkets because we will take everything we can get.) On the flip side, don’t let these warmer dry days discourage you. Think of it as a little extra time to pick out the right gear and tune up your equipment making sure you don’t miss a single chair the second the powder hits.

So first things first, we all want to know what is the latest and greatest out there in new gear. If you hop over to SCHEELS in Sandy, the newest snowboard brand being talked about is Jones. Why is it so popular this season? According to SCHEELS Assistant Store Leader Catlin Cage, “they are consistently changing the shape of their board to give the customer the smoothest ride.” The board also has a variety of menu profiles: camber, reverse camber and early rise. Not to mention the SPOON 3D-base, which is designed to provide the customer with the maximum level of glide, flow and float.

But if you aren’t ready to buy or you are just in love with your gear and not ready to bid it adieu, then give it some love. The most common problem SCHEELS’ service shop sees throughout the season is people waiting too long to get their equipment fixed. The delay in the long run costs more money and ultimately weakens the skis and snowboards. Like I said, take advantage of these warm days and bring your equipment in ASAP.  Have a professional take a look at your gear now before it creates a bigger problem. SCHEELS works to maintain a 24- to 48-hour turn around time. Their goal is to get you on the mountains as fast as possible.


– Get your bindings tested every season to prevent injury.

– Make sure the equipment is working properly.

– Wax regularly to keep up with the snow conditions.

– Annual tune ups keep the skis up to maximum performance.


– Check your binding hardware, screws, nuts and bolts every season to make sure they are not rusting, corroding or loose.

– Look at your laces to make sure they aren’t fraying or breaking. The last thing you want is for you to have a loose binding and a broken lace on a powder day.

– Wax regularly to keep up with the snow conditions.

– Annual tune ups will keep your snowboard working at the highest level. 

– Check the board’s nose and tail. Snowboards are more susceptible to damage on the nose and tail of the board, which allows water and rot to enter into the core of the board.

This advice isn’t just for preseason upkeep, “All your equipment should be looked at before, during and after the season to ensure it has no damage,” says Cage.


SCHEELS has some exciting news. This upcoming winter season they are partnering with Wintersteiger. “This new rental system gets people in and out to be able to go up to the mountain faster than before,” says Cage. “It will make it easier for our customers to keep track of their equipment that they have rented in the past.” Lines are the worst part about hitting the mountains and we have all waited long enough for this winter season to begin, so be sure to check back shortly as they will soon have online reservations available on their website.

If you’re traveling or just want to try out different gear options, “SCHEELS meticulously maintains our rental equipment throughout the season to provide the safest and best skiing equipment in the valley,” says Cage. “We are continually waxing, tuning and testing our rentals.” Their fleet of ski and snowboarding gear ranges from Salomon, Atomic, K2, Armada, Burton, Lib Tech, Jones and Arbor.


More and more powder hounds are finding their way through the gates and beyond the resorts. According to the Mountain Culture Group, “over the last 20 years, the backcountry has seen a massive spike in use.” SnowSports Industries America estimates there are more than 6 million backcountry skiers. But even if the pristine fresh white blankets call your name, any expert will tell you, don’t venture into the backcountry unprepared. SCHEELS has amped up their selection of safety options because of the increase in need. “We carry split boards, avalanche beacons, probs, shovels and airbags,” says Cage. They have also been working with Ski Utah to provide customers with up-to-date snow totals, road conditions and road closures.

“We hope to see you all in SCHEELS getting your gear tuned up and tested before the season,” said Cage.

Andrea Peterson
Andrea Peterson
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