There aren’t a lot of bands like the Avett Brothers.

The North Carolina natives are one part rootsy indie, one part country and one part rollicking good time. Call it bluegrass with a cello. Or Rock with a banjo. Or both at the same time.

Whatever you call them, the band has proven over a slew of Salt Lake City tour dates that they’re the real deal. In fact, they’ve sold out every show they’ve played in Utah in recent memory.

Their scheduled stop in Zion this Thursday is different. This time the boys are playing Park City Live, a much smaller (and much more indoor, thankfully) venue than their usual Red Butte Garden gigs. The evening promises to be a stop unlike any other Utah show to date.

And, perhaps because of that, or perhaps because it’s in Park City during Sundance, their faithful fans are going to pay the price. $125-$250, to be exact.

The hefty price by Utah standards is because the show is part of a premier party for the Robert Redford, T-Bone Burnett and Jack White produced American Epic, a film that rediscovers an early American recording device and commissions modern-day artists (including the Avetts) to record with it.

The film’s premiere is sold-out, but it will be coming to your television this fall on PBS. Tickets for the after party (including the Avetts and, one might guess, other artists featured in the film) are still available, at the above mentioned steep price. But, as any music fan will tell you, some things are worth it.

This show may well be one of them.