Concert Preview: Lydia opens for Moose Blood at the Complex


Indie rockers Lydia have kept their new album, Liquor, largely under wraps, and there are still some months before its July 13 release. But if the lead single, “Goodside” is any indication, fans can expect a new iteration of an ever-experimenting, heart-on-your-sleeve ensemble. We’ll get a bigger (albeit, still small) peek at their new music when they open for emo Brit rockers Moose Blood at The Complex on Monday, April 9. I spoke with the band’s lead singer, Leighton Antelman, on the new LP and the evolution of their sound over their over two-decade-long career.

Charissa: Any highlights of your U.S. tour so far with Moose Blood?

Leighton: I’m not sure on the highlight part but the whole thing has been really fun so far. We haven’t been out on the road for over a year so seeing all the friends and fans again is rad.

C: What was it like collaborating with Lauren Ruth Ward on Liquor?

L: It was great! We got introduced to her through our label Weekday records. She has such a unique and cool voice. Was awesome working with her.

C: There’s still a bit of time before the July release of your new album. What have you got in store for your fans until then?

L: We’ll we will be releasing a few more tracks and videos to come in the next months and also doing a tour around the release of the record.

C: How much of the new album will you be sharing on tour?

L: We play two new jams on this tour out with Moose Blood.

C: With each album, you’ve consistently experimented with your sound in nuanced ways. Judging by “Goodside,” it seems that you’ve taken an increasingly emotionally-charged approach to your music. Is the track’s feel reflective of the rest of the album?

L: I would actually say yeah “Goodside” has a pretty accurate feel of the rest of the album. We actually had a hard time picking the first released track.

C: Why did you decide to release “Goodside” as the album’s first single?

L: We basically took a vote with the band manager and label and that one turned up the winner, ha.

C: Following Lydia’s replacement of original bandmembers William and Evan, how has your music evolved?

L: I think any band is going to evolve and change over time; we’re no different. I think only one band has pulled off not changing; AC/DC. Just have to roll with the punches and make music you yourself enjoy, and I guess hope other people do.

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Charissa Che
Charissa Che
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