You know you’re doing something right if you’re less than five years into your career and touring with a legendary rock band. English rock duo Royal Blood are doing just that. They will open for Queens of the Stone Age at the Saltair next Monday, October 9, in promotion of their sophomore album, How Did we Get So Dark? released earlier this summer.

Comprising Mike Kerr (lead vocals, guitar) and Ben Thatcher (drums), Royal Blood has been gaining global buzz for their ability to create full-bodied rock that recalls Black Sabbath, The White Stripes, the Foo Fighters – and yes, tour headliners Queens of the Stone Age – with only two band members. The new single from their latest LP, “Lights Out,” epitomizes the band’s work thus far: a fuzzy yet still coherent and melodic track with a killer guitar solo that takes you by surprise. As a brooding reflection on an ill-fated relationship, the album as a whole does well in following their hugely successful 2013 self-titled debut.


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