Preview: Sleepy Sun at Urban Lounge

San Francisco band Sleepy Sun is coming to Salt Lake City.

The California-based band are considered veterans on the psych-pop scene as they are celebrating their 10-year anniversary with the tour.

By mixing 70s-style psychedelic “trippy” beats with more contemporary pop rhythms, Sleepy Sun is known for their unique and eclectic music.

Sleepy Sun just released their latest LP, Private Tales. Produced by Colin Stewart, the band has been recognized by various media forms for their “earth-quaking riffage in measured, spaced-out rations.”

If you’re interested in Sleepy Sun and psych-pop, or just want a little taste of the 70s, their show is set for 8 pm on July 30 at Urban Lounge, 241 S 500 E.

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