Preview: Sugar House's 100% Rye Whiskey

Sugar House Distillery has added a new whiskey to their lineup: A 100-percent rye made from a 100 percent regionally sourced grain mash. Law only requires half the mash to be rye grain for a whiskey to be classified a rye whiskey and, of course, locally sourcing grain is a part of Sugar House Distillery’s own ethos.

It’s also totally distilled in Salt Lake.

We appreciate that Sugar House has avoided giving this classic American hooch a precious hipster name: They call it Rye Whiskey.

The new whiskey is a “young” rye—not aged long-term—but it makes up for any lack of barrel complexity with a clean, dry, peppery flavor.

Note to non-geeks: You’d never mistake it for bourbon.

Details for whiskey geeks: It’s 86 proof, not chill filtered and barreled in lightly charred new American oak.

You won’t see it in liquor stores until, at best, Christmas. But the first batch is available at the SHD distillery store: 2212 S. West Temple Unit #14, Salt Lake City.

Note to self: There’s not much left.


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Glen Warchol
Glen Warchol
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