Tegan and Sara Bring the Old and New to SLC


Over the course of their last 2 albums, beloved Canadian twins Tegan and Sara have reinvented themselves, from artsy, indie singer-songwriters to pop song maestros. And while this shift has been met with considerable criticism by some of their longtime followers, it is indisputable that their titular transformation a la Heartthrob was an anomalously “smart” kind of pop music; yes, the hooks were dancier, but the sisters made sure to hold on to their honest, heart-on-your-sleeve lyrics.


Their penultimate release Love You to Death takes it one bolder step further. First single “Boyfriend” is a painful yet catchy love letter to a forsaking lesbian lover who treats Tegan and/or Sara like her boyfriend, and trusts her like her “very best friend.” But then there are the more lighthearted tracks like “U-turn,” which has them dancing awkwardly (but oh-so-charmingly) in their animated music video. And damn if they know how to fit those lyrics in the bridge cleverly and concisely – they’re like rap ciphers, but all sweet and unassuming.

All this to say that their appearance at In The Venue this Thursday, September 22 will be an interesting mix of the old and new Tegan and Sara, and their cult fans (the haters, especially) would do well to see how the duo synthesizes their classic and fresh sounds. To get tickets, go here.

Charissa Che
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