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For older millennial fans especially, it’s hard to believe All Time Low have been at it since 2003. The vet rockers from small-town Towson, Maryland have made a name for themselves for their earnestly melodic songs about keeping on during rough times. They have managed to connect with audiences in a way that transcends the sappy lovey-dovey and whiny woe-is-me fare. Case in point can be found in their sophomore album Nothing Personal. The heart-on-your-sleeve release spanned a Green-Day esque track, “Therapy” to the head-thrashing, joyous “Damned if I Do Ya (Damed if I Don’t”). What a fantastic hook that evokes the gushy lovesick teen girl in all of us.

The guys will appear in all their trademark earnestness at the Complex on Thursday, July 13, and will be joined by openers SWMRS, Waterparks, and The Wrecks.

It’s important to note that inevitably and obviously, All Time Low was a product of the generic sensibilities of their time (other songs evoke Panic! At the Disco and Fall Out Boy). Fourteen years later, and following a move to a new label, Fueled By Ramen, they’ve dared to become more personal, but without the demands of being sounding emo. The aptly-titled album Last Young Renegades covers everything from family estrangement and lost friends, to a Bowie tribute “Ground Control.” The track is an appropriate nod to Starboy and features pop masters Tegan and Sara on the chorus.

And let’s not forget SWMRS, the show’s first openers. The punk rock troupe notably boasts frontman Joey Armstrong, son of Green Day’s seemingly-ageless Billie-Joe. They’ve been on the scene for almost as long as the headliners (2004), and have likewise been recently signed to the same label. Their latest, Drive North, departs from their electric guitar-heavy stuff and delves into more indie, noise-rock territory. But rest assured that themes of girls, stoner life, and Miley Cyrus worship prevail. Arrive early (doors open 5:30) to check out this equally notable act.

Go here for tickets and more information on the upcoming show.

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