Push-Up Challenge? Here is your superpower.

The online Push-Up challenge in sets of 10, 20, clapping between, handstands, or while levitating has been going viral, sorry, I mean it’s going big on most social media platforms. Why? Because doing push-ups is darn hard, or at least it is if you haven’t kept up with them. A lightweight kid can drop and lift up almost indefinitely, guys have a natural advantage with upper body strength, although you’d be surprised how many can’t, and gals often (but not always) struggle with push-ups.


From her casa to yours. This virtual circuit class is offered through The Point Pilates.

You’ve probaby noticed that many local gyms, yoga and Pilates studios are offering virtual classes. In my participation as a student and an instructor, they are AWESOME. More enjoyable (and discreet) than you’d think, joining up in a virtual class connects you with all the people you regularly work out with, while meeting others too, and getting a great workout.

Highly recommended.


Beyond my work with SLmag, I’ve been a local fitness/Pilates instructor at The Point Pilates studio for almost a decade, and with the push-up challenge wish to help you on your way to building up to a full set of 10 push-ups (unless you already can, and then it’ll be 20 or the clapping set).

For push-ups, you may think that building shoulders, back and chest muscles are where it’s at, and it is, but your real superpower for taking on push-ups is coming from your core and the strength you can gain from that. And to assist, I’m wearing the hat of personal fitness coach today, as my #1 favorite homework challenge for new Pilates students is to hold 3 sets of plank (if you aren’t familiar I’ll demonstrate below), for at least 30 seconds every day. Plank is pretty much the perfect exercise and you can do it anywhere, doesn’t require equipment and if it doesn’t feel tough enough—you can always take it up a notch. I also really like squats, but that’s another post.

Preferably done on a mat or a softer floor surface:


  • ? Set Playlist, Say So, Doja Cat ? Cool, Jonas Brothers, 3 Nights, Dominic Fike
  • Hold plank-of-choice (below), for 30 seconds or till failure (our goal is at least a minute) try to flatten the back, pull in through the core, it’s not as easy as it seems…
  • Add in a set of 5-10 push-ups (adapt as needed: full, on the knees…)
  • 1-minute rest
  • repeat X 3
  • Start at the level you can manage, and follow my lead:

    It’s about progress and not perfection. My form could be better but do your best. I hold my arms away from each other with palms up (because, it’s harder.) Try it.
  1. Plank: on your forearms
  2. Modification 1: plank on the knees
  3. Modification 2: Straight Arm Plank

(Sore wrist issues: come up onto your fists, get some extra cushion from a rolled-up towel)

Disclaimer: Do these exercises at your own risk. Please people, use common sense and don’t overdo. Those with back issues or any health issues should take that into account before starting any exercise, and we are not responsible for any injury from that.

Stay fit, Stay WELL SLC!!

Oh, and btw, our top pic is Jarom West (IG: @jaromwest), who is our former graphic designer at SLmag, and beyond being a very talented illustrator, lifts in his spare time.


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