Real Housewives ‘Hashtag blessed’ or hot mess? Twitter Reacts.

It’s official. The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City happened. And it’s happening for an entire season on BravoTV. The newest installment in the Real Housewives franchise premiered Wednesday night and began trending on Twitter almost immediately. Less than an hour after the debut end, #RHOSLC was the No. 1 trending topic in the United States. So, yeah, it looks like this is going to be a thing.

Variety called the show a “promising addition” to Bravo’s most successful franchise,
which is pretty high praise for a show where one of the biggest drama points of the first episode was a tiff over one woman saying another castmate smelled like “hospital.” It’s so bad, even the poorest of writers wouldn’t make this up.

Yet, according to the Twittersphere, it works. “Imagine you just leave the hospital dealing with family drama and your homegirl tells you, “hey so you smell like a hospital” #RHOSLC”

 “This debut premiere feels like a third or even fourth season premiere. Bravo @Andy, bravo #RHOSLC.”

 “This show is already a messsss! I can’t stop watching. Omg. It’s living up to the hype. Weary face #RHOSLC”

There was shade was aplenty. A. Plenty. Some reactions were witty and snarky; others were disgusted with the oblivious and vapid dialogue about race and privilege in a state with a sticky-at-best history on diversity. Here are some of the highlights? Lowlights? You decide.

“What we’ve seen so far #RHOSLC: Mormons are racists, a Rihanna name drop, a gay son,
someone granddaddy bed-hopping … 20 minutes in, it’s already more entertaining than the
entire new season of #RHOC. Kudos ladies.”

 “Between Mary marrying her step-granddaddy and Whitney cheating with this man who is 18 yrs older than her…the casting on this show was a choice. A MESSY ONE! #RHOSLC”

 “So Utah is so white they think she’s black #RHOSLC”

 “So mormons are against drinking, having sex, swearing, but they’re okay with racism… Alright #RHOSLC”

 “Jen said Mormons didn’t accept Black people until recently, and Heather said loving Black
men doesn’t go in line with being a good Mormon woman. I know the community is writing
Bravo as we speak. #RHOSL #RHOSLC”

 “Did she just admit that Mormon people don’t like black folk? #RHOSLC”

Settle in, Utah. This is going to be… something.

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Marcie Young Cancio
Marcie Young Cancio
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