Brett Whitford

“I baked 16 loaves the first week, threw them on the back of my red bicycle trailer and rode up the Rail Trail to the Silly Market,” says Brett Whitford, describing the origin of Red Bicycle Breadworks. The former chef at Park City’s Chez Betty restaurant and his partner, Brad Hart, eventually moved Red Bicycle’s operations to The Market at Park City, and what started as a part-time gig in the slower summer season has grown into a budding bread empire that provides bread for some of Park City’s best restaurants, including Handle, Bistro 412 and Talisker on Main.

Whitford doesn’t just serve bread locally; he sources as many ingredients as possible from Summit County. Red Bicycle breads incorporate spent grains from Wasatch Brewery and cheese and dairy from Gold Creek Farms, to name a few local suppliers. “It’s a lot of extra work, and it’s more expensive, but I think it’s important to keep it all close to home,” Whitford says. Despite the boom, Whitford continues to run his business in the relaxed Park City mold. “In the wintertime we totally revamp the schedule so my guys can get out and get some skiing in. We’re just a bunch of like-minded people baking bread.”

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