Waterpocket Distillery

FROM THE Dining Guide

Waterpocket Distillery is a new destination for your spirited adventures. Owned by Julia and Alan Scott and the hands-on makers of our spirits lineup. We are delighted to pull from our scrapbooks, journal, and tasting notes to produce an itinerary of sensory and spirited adventure for you.

Our wanderlust brought us to Utah, where we realized a lifetime of exploration can be had in the mountains, canyons, deserts, and wildernesses of this beautiful state. The Waterpocket Fold gives form to the Capitol Reef and the national park that bears this name, and now gives its name to Waterpocket Distillery.

Thousands of new experiences await the bold explorer here–from hidden canyons to forested plateaus, from mountain slopes with grazing bison to gentle rivers winding through a wonderland of red rock.We took our motto “open wild” from this captivating landscape. And our spirits reflect this sense of adventure. We’re recreating “long lost” liqueurs from the golden age of botanical liqueurs.

Finding a Toadstool in a remote canyon is a special treat for the bold adventurer, so we’ve designed our challenging, bitter, and bold spirits for this special breed of backcountry nomad under this banner. And we’ll make a lineup of Waterpocket House Spirits to include new twists on old favorites, including some hidden gems still in the wild, but unknown in our neck of the woods.

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