Review: Amos Lee at Red Butte

When Amos Lee walked on stage with no fedora in sight but instead a tight black tee and skin-tight black pants that both accentuated his lean but muscular body, I knew it would be a night to remember.

Lee started off with the song “One Lonely Light” off his new album titled Spirit. Right when he carried out that first smooth falsetto, the crowd went wild. All looks aside, singing well is what he does best.

Throughout the night, Lee’s playful attitude further captured the crowd. He smiled throughout the night, making an effort to laugh and have fun with his audience. He took the time to teach one concert-goer how to dance, telling him, “It’s all in the ass and the hips bro,” and even demonstrated further by “dropping it low” while singing “Down by the Riverside.”

Lee is nothing short of an entertainer. He was sure to mix his new songs with favorite older ones and folky dance beats with slower melodic rhythms. By the middle of the concert, though, I think everyone in the venue was on their feet, snapping their fingers and grooving to the music. A master of sensuality, he and his band fired up the crowd when they played his well-known song, “Baby I Want You” and a special rendition of “Pony” by Ginuwine (thank you, dance lesson number two for focusing on the art of hip thrusting and jiving), and ended the night with an encore of “Arms of a Woman.”

Amos Lee is a performer I hope never stops making beautiful music and touring. I’m glad that he took the risk to quit teaching and pursue his career because his music obviously lights up the lives of so many people. Thank you for the great night, Mr. Lee.

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