Review: Ásgeir at The State Room

Photos by Thomas Mabey

After purchasing my gin and tonic from some of the friendliest bar tenders I’ve ever encountered, I entered the intimate venue for the first time. The soft flicker of imitation candle light provided a cozy feel in the modest room. The State Room proved to be the perfect venue to experience Ásgeir and allowed you to feel every resonating rumble of the bass drum. The show opened with Ethan Gruska, a singer songwriter from California, who started the night off right with his sweet voice and acoustic sound that left behind a soft feeling of melancholy.

After a brief intermission, Ásgeir entered the stage to a loud applause. Among the blue and red lights of The State Room, the melodic sounds of soothed the crowd as they swayed in a syncopated wave. His smooth voice filled the intimate venue with beautiful lyrics flowing through the oceanic music provided by his band. He said barely more than “thank you” between songs and, instead, kept the music pouring out into the crowd of mesmerized people. I had never seen Ásgeir perform before, and this concert proved to be more than I had anticipated. I couldn’t help but sway along with the crowd as they sang along to songs I had never heard before (with a couple exceptions).

His show finished off with an encore, coming back to sing two more songs, “Stardust” and “Torrent,” and only saying “thank you, this is the last song” before finishing the show and bowing with his band before the applauding crowd.  I highly recommend seeing Ásgeir if you have the chance, his US tour finishes up in Austin, Texas on October 7.

You can find more tour dates and his album, Afterglow, here.

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