Review: Florida Georgia Line at Usana


It seems that concerts are always a “hit or miss” type of deal for me. No matter how much I love the band, it seems their concerts are either bursting with energy, filled with their best songs or they fall flat with little connection and subpar performance levels. Luckily, Florida Georgia Line was the former.

Their Friday night performance at USANA was seen by an overflowing crowd, all of whom seemed to be having a great time (including the woman in front of us who seemed to have just a bit too much fun during the opening acts and drunkenly slept through all of Florida Georgia Line’s performance. Don’t you just love country concerts?)

Kane Brown, The Cadillac Three and Cole Swindell all performed shorter set lists but with three opening acts it seemed to take an obnoxious amount of time to get to the night’s main event. However, all was forgiven once Florida Georgia Line took the stage and started playing all of my favorites.

With an almost perfect blend, Florida Georgia Line scattered the show with old, familiar songs and some of their newer ones, off their upcoming album, Dig Your Roots, which is set to release in August.

Overall, the concert was filled with bounds of energy from both the band and the screaming crowd, making it a fun night for all.

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