Review: Odysseo by Cavalia

One of the largest touring productions in the world made its debut show in Salt Lake on April 20th. Wednesday nights premiere of Cavalia’s newest production Odysseo, wasn’t just a hit, it was a sold out spectacular event.

Touring since 2011, Odysseo has brought together horses and humans, showcasing their inseparable relationship through equestrian arts and theatrical effects. Over 65 horses and 45 artists grace the stage as you join them in an epic journey across a changing landscape.

It’s hard to put into word the beauty and excitement you experience while watching Odysseo. From the moment the curtains part, revealing the majestic horses grazing on stage, you’re hooked. You are transported into a dream fill of majestic horses and entertaining acrobats. The different acts feature horses, aerialists and riders in a respectful and playful relationship. With acts like the Liberte number, featuring purebred Arabian horses are commanded by the whispers of their trainer, or the Carosello number, with strength and grace of the aerialists twirling around a giant carousel, will leave you in awe.

Extraordinarily talented aerialists, trick riders, and African acrobats, involve and enthrall the audience with their amazing stunts and illusions. While live music and vocals envelope you as the worlds largest screen changes the landscape from lush green forests, to dry deserts, to artic caves with dripping icicles. The stage and effects are nothing short of amazing, taking your breath away as the horses emerge from the top of the stage to reveal the massiveness of it.

Aside from the amazing theatrics and scenery, the horses are the ones who steal the show. Carefully trained and cared for, the horses of Odysseo perform Haute École dressage or dressage at liberty. Along with the 20-person stable team, the horses have two veterinary technicians, a blacksmith and several grooms to help take care of them. As you will notice they are immaculately clean, which means they get groomed, pampered and massaged multiple times a day.

Odysseo takes you on a journey with horse and rider and makes you feel apart of the performance. The beauty and tranquility of each act leaves the audience captivated and craving more. The dream-like story and performance of Odysseo is perfect for children and adults of all ages.

Odysseo is now playing under the big white tent near South Town. Ticket prices range between $49.50 up to $249.50 for VIP Premium seats.VIP ticket holders do have access to the Rendez-vouz tent and a special stable tour following the event.

Click Here for tickets, pricing, and more information for the amazing Odysseo.


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