River Bottoms Ranch Grand Opening


Nov. 14, 2018, River Bottoms Ranch, Midway, Utah, Photos by Pepper Nix 

  1. Colleen Altice, Meredith Parsons, Patrick St. John and Ava Miller
  2. Allison Baddley and Jacque Lynn Erickson   
  3. Kate Osborne, Kenzie Victory, Joshua Knight, Erin Thunell and Megan Robinson  
  4. Edward Lopez, Erin Keller and BillieJo Kunkler   
  5. Kelsey Gummersall, Kenzie Victory, Erin Elizabeth   
  6. Madison Oliveira, Katelyn Carter, Jared Horner, Janica Horner, Hailey Horner and Haley Beardsley

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