Rose Exposed…The Sky is Falling

This year, the Performing Arts Coalition presents Rose Exposed…The Sky is Falling! 

Marking six years of “exploration, hoopla and provocative entertainment,” Rose Exposed features short works from all six resident companies of Rose Wagner Performance Center. Each work is created around a specific and current unifying theme.

The Sky is Falling theme is inspired by all of the “ta-do” that surrounds fake news and is inspired by the well-known folktale that makes light of paranoia and mass hysteria surrounding such news.

Works include SB Dance will go “full gangster-noir”, Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company and Repertory Dance Theatre will create a new work day. PYGmalion Theatre Company are to weave the pieces together with sightings of Chicken Little and Turkey Lurkey throughout the night, while Gina Bachauer International Paino Foundation presents 2006 Gold Medalist winner Stephan Beus who will be elevating the show with live music, and finish off with Plan-B Theatre Company’s resident playwright Matthew Ivan Bennett in a new, apocalyptic comedy on whether or not the sky actually does fall.

Rose Exposed… The Sky is Falling takes place Saturday, August 26 at 8 p.m. General admission is $15 and student admission is just $10. For more information on the event or about Rosie Wagner Center for Performing Arts, visit their website.

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