Roses? Not Again. Try something less cliché this V-Day.

written by: Heather Wardle

Roses: Beautiful, long-stemmed, romantic and—let’s face it—expensive. In February, these already expensive gifts get an even bigger price tag. A dozen long-stemmed roses can increase to a whopping $2 per stem. This Valentine’s Day, why not look for something different? “February is a good time for fresh flowers,” says Pamela Olson, owner of Native Flower Company. “We are starting to see a lot of pretty bulb flowers, and you get a lot of fragrance with those.” If you’re a romantic, try tulips and ranunculus in a variety of reds and pinks. Hint: Both would make a beautiful mixed bouquet. Orchids are another great option. While you might think these finicky flowers could still dent your wallet, unlike roses, their price remains static year-round, so they make a unique gift that won’t break the bank.

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