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Did you know the United States hasn’t passed a law to regulate the personal care industry since 1938? That’s why safe, clean beauty is among the fastest growing industries today! Safer Beauty Bar is trying to do their part in this movement by raising awareness on the lack of regulations within the personal care industry, advocating for change and searching for safer solutions.

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“It is a self-regulated industry. These companies can, and are, using chemicals proven to be endocrine disruptors, and ingredients that cause cancer,” says Julie Bryson, Safer Beauty Bar’s founder.

After 20 years as a hairstylist, Bryson started selling Monat, a new anti~aging hair care line. That’s when she started researching and was completely shocked. “It’s an 80 year old system that benefits big companies/businesses, not the American consumer.’”

What’s even scarier? Only 10-20 percent of the chemicals used today have been tested for human health. Companies aren’t required to disclose ingredients, nor is there a system to check the accuracy of what’s printed on labels (cruelty free, organic, etc).

“This is affecting everyone, wreaking havoc on our health,” Bryson says. “As much as I want everyone to buy my shampoo, at the end of the day our goal is to raise awareness and eventually get the change needed so everyone, at every price point, has access to safer products.”

Bryson and the Safer Beauty Bar team, Soraya Garfield, Kristin Dunlop, Tara Smith and Georgia Vaivaka, encourage consumers to reach out to legislators for stricter regulations and personal care reform. For more information, follow Safer Beauty Bar on Facebook and Instagram.

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