Salt Lake .05 Tasting Tour

Salt Lake magazine introduced The Tasting Tour Bus last week to help get a taste of the city, and I was lucky enough to get my hands on a couple tickets before they sold out!

My date, Eden, and I met with the rest of our group of ten at Squatters Pub, where we had the top level all to ourselves. Not long after we sat, we were brought street tacos as we became acquainted with the rest of the group. The corn tortillas were filled with a delicious mixture of seasoned chicken topped with cilantro, onions, and queso fresco, with limes and salsa on the side. Though delicious, I was a little worried just one taco would leave me hungry.

Squatters Street Tacos

From there, we boarded the open-air bus to shuttle us over to our next destination, of course with wine aboard (yes, it was legal) for our commute. The bus carried us behind Eccles Theater, to Fireside on Regent. We were treated to a mini truffle burger slider and vegetarian pizza. Both were fantastic! I have been wanting to try Fireside since it opened a while back, but just have not managed to do it yet. I guarantee I will be back — especially when they have an ice cream social!

Truffle Burger Slider   Fireside Vegetarian Pizza

The next stop was The New Yorker. With all the new restaurants popping up around town, sometimes it’s good to be reminded of the classics. It did not disappoint with its tuscan wild boar bolognese over rigatoni.

New Yorker Boar Bolognese

Our final destination was Chakra Lounge, a recent addition to The Himalayan Kitchen. We were treated to a family-style feast here tandoori chicken kabobs and lamb bites, and some amazing kale pakora. Needless to say, I was no longer worried about being hungry.

Chakra Lounge Lamb Sliders

With new friends and great food, I could not have had more fun that night. Even getting from one location to the next was a blast on the open-air bus. I can’t wait to go again! The next tour us being organized for the end of September, set to include some of the places featured in the Farm to Glass Cocktail Contest. Watch the Salt Lake magazine website and Facebook page to find out more info about tickets. You won’t want to miss it!

Salt Lake Tasting Tour

Derek Deitsch
Derek Deitsch
A lover of all foods, Derek Deitsch has a serious sweet tooth, making him perfectly suited to cover Salt Lake's dessert scene for the magazine. He is always ready and willing to provide a food recommendation, whether you want sweet or savory. When he's not eating, you'll likely find Derek in the mountains, at community events and festivals, shows, or on a flight to find some adventure!

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