2024 Dining Awards: Utah Classics and Restaurants to Watch

It’s the Eternal Question. “Where Should We Eat?” It’s a query that we ask ourselves as hunger sets in. It’s a question that couples and families text message around wildly as the dinner hour approaches. It’s a question that your out-of-town guests prod you with before arrival (but too late to make a reservation). The answer is often dull, “the usual spot” or “dunno, pizza?” Let’s remedy that. Eating out is about more than sustenance. It’s about company, friends and someone else doing the dishes. Each year, Salt Lake magazine gazes upon the dining landscape and presents its choices for the Best Restaurants in Utah. These are experiences that will enliven your answers to the Eternal Question. They will challenge your palate with thoughtful and local solutions to the riddle.

Here, we offer sidedishes of Utah Classics and new restaurants we’re keeping our eye on.

Dish at Matteo. Photo by Lydia Martinez

Ones to Watch

Five hot new spots on our radar

Often a new restaurant comes on the scene with a splash that catches our attention but, hey, it’s a hard biz at any time, much less at this time. But these five newcomers raised our eyebrows and we’re excited to see what happens next

Matteo Ristorante Italiano

Sushi at Mint. Photo by Adam Finkle.

439 E. 900 South, SLC

Mint – Tapas and Sushi

2121 S. McClelland St., SLC

Chef Jon Dubois of Pago


Chef Patrick LeBeau of Bambara

202 S. Main St., SLC

Kita at the Pendry

2417 W. High Mountain Rd., Park City

The late Valter Nassi.

Utah Classics

Remind yourself of restaurants that are so good, they never went away

Valter’s Osteria

Valter’s Osteria, the namesake of the dearly departed Valter Nassi, remains a testament to Valter’s hospitality.

Dish at Cucina wine bar.

Cucina Wine Bar

This is the spot where the coffee service is busy every morning and the wine pairing dinners are at night. It’s also a reliable deli and a true neighborhood spot beloved by its Avenues neighbors. 

The Copper Onion

It’s hard to imagine but The Copper Onion has been around since 2010. Chef Ryan Lowder’s first outpost on his way to building a food empire has never not been good. And yes, the Stroganoff will always be on the menu. 

Market Street Grill & Oyster Bar

Market Street Grill & Oyster Bar was perhaps singlehandedly the dining spot that taught Utahn’s that there was more to life than burgers and fries. We’ll bet you haven’t been there for a while, it’s lost none of its charm and the chowder is still delicious. 

Silver Star Cafe 

Lisa and Jeff Ward are the epitome of hosts. And their restaurant at Park City’s Silver Star Base Area isn’t exactly on the well-beaten paths of Utah’s ski town. Fine by us, it is often the most compelling answer to the question: Where should
we eat in Park City? 

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